Below are my current investment holdings. They range from 20% of my investable asset to as small as $1K, roughly ordered by my position size.

With public equity, I invest in a basket of 5-20 stocks at any given time. With crypto, I’m heavy in Ethereal and Solana, and tend hold positions in 1-5 smaller cap assets.

In the private market, I've only invested in a select few. If you are a seed stage founder, I can be helpful giving product feedback, connecting you to design resources, and introducing you to folks at Kleiner Perkins, Republic or some other investors who write larger checks.

Last updated Jul 24, 2022


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    An online IDE, Editor, Compiler and more. Betting on it becoming the Figma for SWEs.

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    Online business banking platform. Betting on the best-in-class, vertical focused neobank.

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    Citizens Of

    An Australian cafe group. Simply to support the business.


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    A decentralized blockchain with smart contract functionality. Betting on NFT and Web3 going mainstream.

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    A fast L1 blockchain, with low fees & near instant confirmations. Betting on it challenging Ethereum.

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    Makes phones, computers and stuff. Just a good business.

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    Online commerce platform. Built the position betting on ecommerce leaving centralized platforms for custom UX.

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    Cool car, robots and AI. Don't really know why I own.

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    The Real Real

    Betting on consumer spending on “going out fashion” post pandemic and buying second-hand due to decreased spending power during the recession.

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    An online marketplace for lodging. Built the position betting on travel resurgence and remote work mobility.

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    Dopex Rebate Token

    On-chain structured product. Built the position betting on DeFi option vaults.

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    Betting on crypto trading volume resurging.

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    Financial services and digital payments company. Betting on IRL payments and crypto moves by Jack Dorsey.

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    Reimagined Finance

    FaaS (Farming as a Service). Betting on yield farming during a crypto winter.