Week 1 Reflection


I've been into gadgets and softwares my entire life. I test iOS and macOS betas every summer, and used to jailbreak iPhones before iOS7. However, I never went behind the scene, behind the software or the hardware, and now it's the time.

Coming from a Graphic Design background, I primarily worked with Illustrator and Photoshop. For web design I used Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision, but still mainly static image/vector creation softwares. To me, the most appeal computation has is to help me diversify and advance my graphic creations. Make them interactive and more interesting, easier to share and integrate. Secondly, while working with developers on web design projects, I realized how disadvantaged I was, not understanding the technical restraints. Without their support, I was helpless not being able to dig into the code to tweak the outcome closer toward my vision.

With what ICM can teach me, I would like to start by animating graphics in p5.js and learn to embed them in HTML. I want to have interactive graphics on my portfolio site done through code. On top of the plain animated graphics, I would like to give the project a purpose, turning it either into a game or a tool app.

Shijie Zhang