Backed by Y Combinator and the Dorm Room Fund, Flo Recruit provides software to streamline recruiting events, capture candidate feedbacks in real-time.

We are continuously evolving the core product while working on a new homepage to improve organic customer acquisition. Previously, I designed and built the company's blog with a simple CMS.

Flo Recruit

Product Design
Web Design
Front-end Implementation
Graphic Design


Katherine A. | CEO
Courtney O. | PM
Jack B. | Design Manager


Oct 2019 - Present

Main Projects I've Worked ON


Event Check-in


redesign & Implement
The Website


design & Implement
Flo Recruit Blog
Product Design

Event Check-in

Flo Recruit allows customers to send out open registration and Invite-only events. To improve the experience, we tackled one of our most requested features, a check-in flow to keep track of candidates' attendance.

We respect that recruiters at different firms have their ways to keep track of candidate attendance. So we designed a system that is not only fast and flexible but also compliments their tried and tested analog methods.

Fast & flexible

Recruiters can walk around and check people in on tablets, add new candidates on their phones, or sit at a laptop and type names to check attendees in.

compliment analog methods

Instead of marking check-ins, recruiters can have all attendees take their own name cards on entry. Mark the few names left as no-shows in the system.

Before we committed to the method, we also tested with another prototype for a different approach handling the problem. I cannot show the process assets, but if you would like to know more about the project, please directly reach out to me.

Design & Develop

The Website

We redesigned Flo Recruit's marketing site to display our product better. The "Feature" page covers top features, integrations and FAQ. The "Customers" page helps our viewer to picture how our product can integrate into their existing workflow.

Visit the site
Design & Develop

Flo Recruit Blog

In the effort to creating more website traffic, we designed and built a blog for Flo Recruit.

Without enough blog posts to launch with, we sketched out different stages of the blog as it scales and designed a modular system of content formats sections. We had a 10-day timeline to wireframe, mockup, implement and launch the blog with handoff training.

We built the CMS with a variety of tags and options. From the author's information to the interviewee's title, all the settings are easily accessible in content editor and are reflected differently on the display UI.